Targus Stowaway Keyboard

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Blast from the past: originally published July 26 2002. I’m enamored by the idea of the PDA, or personal digital assistant. I bought a Palm IIIxe a few years ago and found it fit well for keeping my schedule, listing contacts and playing games. The batteries lasted two months and it was easy to use. Yet my life evolves around computers, so I move from my work PC to my home PC without the need for something in between. Of course there are those times when you’re in the field, at a conference or…read more


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Yes, that dreaded topic I’ve avoided for months has pressed itself upon me. Well, not really. I’ve been a Palm IIIxe owner but ignored the whole eBook thing since no outstanding readers were available. Yes, many web sites offer text files of classic books, but no special formatting or features accompany these. I just picked up a Jornada 547 Pocket PC and started looking for goodies and extras; games, utilities and other life saving add-ons. Perusing the preloaded software showed a Microsoft Reader icon; I had read about and ignored it since my IBM z50…read more


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