McDonald’s Poutine

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McDonald’s Canada introduced Poutine this week; at least in Ontario. I was there at lunch and had the opportunity to give it a try. Oddly it’s not “McPoutine” or anything catchy like that; slightly disappointing.   Poutine is $3.99 or $1.50 to substitute in a combo for medium fries. It comes packaged in a brown paper box, reminiscent of poutine joints I’ve frequented in Toronto. I watched the staff made it as there was a poutine rack that had cheese curds in one bin and gravy in a pump beside…read more

McDonald’s Monopoly Lies

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I’m a regular McDonald’s diner for lunch or a quick breakfast.  On October 5th they started their Monopoly game: on certain food items you receive two game pieces.  Emblazoned everywhere around the store and on the food items is the following from their home page: The asterisk will lead you to the details which state the odds are for food prizes and diminish as the game progresses.  In the first nine days I acquired seventy-nine (79) game pieces, five of them winners.  That puts the odds at 1 in 16; alright, it’s 1…read more


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