Star Wars The Classic Newspaper Comics Vol 2

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Al Williamson on early 1980s Star Wars? Absolutely! After consuming Volume 1 and enjoying the stories and what new elements were brought to the pre-Empire days I was hungry for the next volume. After cracking it open and giving it a quick thumbing I was blown away by the Al Williamson art. I skipped to his work and started from there, marvelling at each gorgeous black and white panel. Going back to the Alcala strips afterwards I found I just couldn’t get into them. This art was jarringly different then what came…read more

Alex Raymond’s Rip Kirby Vol 1: 1946-1948

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A solid look into “the first modern detective”, IDW’s Library Of American Comics presents a wonderful look into post war crime fiction. The first volume of Alex Raymond’s modernist classic reproduces, from syndicate proof sheets, every strip from the beginning, March 4, 1946, through December 4, 1948. Co-written with Ward Greene, the stories sometimes address then-contemporary issues, including trafficking in black market babies and the attempt to limit the proliferation of atomic and biological weapons. But the real star is Raymond’s lush and incomparable brushwork. Edited and designed by Eisner…read more

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