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Big Ben Bolt Dailies Volume 1 cover

John Cullen Murphy’s Big Ben Bolt – Dailies: Volume 1

Presenting the first volume in a planned reprinting of the complete run of John Cullen Murphy’s classic American comic strip Big Ben Bolt, written by Elliot Caplan. The debut volume will feature dailies from the comic strip’s start February 20, 1950,…

Prince Valiant Vol 23 1981 1982

Prince Valiant Vol. 23: 1981-1982

In this volume, there’s death, birth, curses, quests, plots, magic, and war. Prince Valiant journeys to the bowels of the Earth on a quest for humanity involving a curse on the Kingdom, monstrous imps, and a mystical casket. Mordred leads…

Prince Valiant Vol 22 1979 1980 cover

Prince Valiant Vol. 22: 1979-1980

Val, deprived of his Singing Sword, is enslaved in the Berber salt mines. A deathwatch has begun for the bedridden King Arthur, and the monarch’s half-brother Mordred plots to usurp the throne. Aleta investigates a murder in Cornwall. This volume…