Namor Visionaries: John Byrne Vol 1

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Collecting the first nine issues of the 1990 series, Namor Visionaries: John Byrne Volume 1 is an interesting look back at a minor character’s chance to star again. Namor, the Sub-Mariner! The world’s first mutant! King of Atlantis! See one of Marvel’s most iconic characters written and penciled by the talented John Byrne! As Namor finally learns the truth about his nasty temper, he faces the corporate threat of the diabolical Marrs’ twins, tames the deadly Griffin, is sued for his attacks on New York and gets beheaded! It’s Namor…read more

Cold War Vol 1: The Damocles Contract

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John Byrne has been doing some great work recently with The Next Men relaunch so I didn’t hesitate to pick up Cold War Volume 1: The Damocles Contract. Acclaimed creator John Byrne releases his latest creation, MI-6 agent Michael Swann. In Swann’s opening adventure, “The Damocles Contract,” the secret agent is called on to stop a defecting British scientist from granting the Soviets complete nuclear dominion over the free world… promising ample doses of intrigue and espionage. John Byrne (w & a & c) TPB FC $19.99 USD 120 pages ISBN 978-1-61377-177-8 IDW Publishing (April…read more

Next Men Vol 2: Scattered Part 2

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I excitedly waited for John Byrne’s Next Men Volume 2: Scattered Part 2 in the hope I could get answers to all the questions and dangling plotlines from volume 1.  It does.  Plus it’s the longest title I’ve encountered this year. Scattered across time and with no idea where their fellow Next Men may be, Bethany, Nathan, Tony, Jasmine, Jack, and Danny find themselves alone. But their impact on history and their role in events continue as master craftsman John Byrne unwinds the conclusion of the first arc after his return to NEXT…read more

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