Weapons Of The Metabaron

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Anything by Travis Charest goes right onto my “must have” list; he’s an amazing artist that seems to keep getting better.  Unfortunately he also seems to be getting slower with new work sorely lacking.  I anxiously awaited Weapons Of The Metabaron from Humanoids: here’s the publisher’s blurb. The trio of Jodorowsky, Charest, and Janjetov show how the Metabaron assembled the galaxy’s most powerful and destructive weapons in an effort to become an invincible warrior. Travis Charest’s (Artist of WILDCATS, WILDC.A.T.S/X-MEN: THE GOLDEN AGE, and STAR WARS comics Cover Artist) long awaited interpretation of…read more

Madwoman Of The Sacred Heart

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This is my second book from the newly relaunched Humanoids English division, and Madwoman Of The Sacred Heart is not your average comic book.  Here’s the publisher’s blurb: Professor Alan Mangel’s journey of madness begins when he impregnates Elisabeth, a student, with what she believes is John the Baptist reincarnated. They meet and conspire with people convinced in bringing forth the Second Coming of Christ. Are they delusional? By the creators of THE INCAL, Moebius and Jodorowsky. Let me give a brief overview.  Alan Mangel is our main character, a…read more

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