Organized Through Labels

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Labels, who wants to waste their time with labels? My wife has owned and used a Brother P-Touch labeler for some time, keeping things neat and organized. I’m the cook and kitchen manager in the house and until now have been happy with a hunt-and-peck outlook to kitchen management. Sure my wife complains she can’t tell what meat is in the freezer, but isn’t half the fun taking out a frozen hunk of dark meat, turning it over and over again in your hands and making a complete guess as…read more

Freezing Stock

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I try to make stock whenever there are bones available.  My favourite is turkey stock: it seems to work with any meat and always makes a terrific gravy. Trouble begins when I try to store it.  Large quantities are the norm: if you’re going to the effort of making stock then make a lot.  I used to freeze two cups of stock in a Ziploc bag which worked great and as stacked flat they freeze well.  Unfortunately defrosting it was an issue: I had to put the bag in a…read more

Buy whole animals and use all parts

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Last weekend grade A turkeys were $1 a pound so I bought three fourteen pound birds.  I know a deal when I see it and normally only purchase meat when it’s on sale and then I try to get a good amount.  We have an upright freezer in the garage that’s pretty much full at all times. I broke down the turkeys into breasts, wings, thighs and legs.  Breasts were seasoned and cooked on the barbeque, then the meat was taken off the bone: we’ll use that for sandwiches.  Wings…read more


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