Absolute Batman: Year One

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ABSOLUTE BATMAN: YEAR ONE presents one of DC Comics’ most lauded tales in two hardcover volumes contained by a slipcase. The first volume will reprint the recolored version of the story from previous collected editions, remastered with new, high-resolution scans of the original coloring by David Mazzucchelli and Richmond Lewis. The second volume will reprint the original 1987 version of the story as it ran in BATMAN #404-407, reproduced from scans made by Mazzucchelli and Lewis from the printed comic book pages, presented on stock that simulates the look and…read more

Orion: The Gates Of Apokolips

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Walt Simonson brings his skills, well honed in the pages of Thor, to Jack Kirby’s Fourth World with tremendous effect. ORION THE GATES OF APOKOLIPS: is a fast-paced tale about a never-ending battle between a father and son with the fate of the universe in the balance. Raised from birth to be a warrior, Orion has spent a lifetime opposing his father, the maniacal godlike Darkseid. But when the evil despot discovers the secret to ultimate power, the scales are tipped and the brutal and ruthless anti-hero must find a…read more

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror

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It’s been heavily promoted by Legendary Pictures, as only a movie studio can do.  Preview pages, an animated short, press releases and coverage everywhere.  For it’s first foray into comics Legendary has published Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, his response to 9/11.  I’m a huge Frank Miller fan, having read everything he’s ever done.  But this book is crap: don’t buy it.  I want my money back.  End review. Still here?  Let’s get into the nitty gritty.  I’d give you the publisher’s information but there isn’t any.  The website gives almost nothing: the already…read more

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