Tyler Cross V.2: Angola

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Our hero’s luck turns against him. What seemed like a risk-free gig that should have got him some easy cash turns into a fast-track to Hell for Tyler Cross. A hell called “Angola,” the biggest high-security prison in the United States, surrounded by swamps and crushed by the sweltering Louisiana sunshine. And then just to put the cherry on the cake, the Scarfo clan has put a price on his head, and there are a whole load of Sicilians among Tyler’s fellow inmates… If Tyler ever manages to get out…read more

Tyler Cross V.1: Black Rock

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It’s 1950, and Tyler Cross has just robbed 17 kilos of pure heroin from the Mafia. He has 20 dollars in his pocket, a Colt in his belt, and he’s on foot, alone, in deepest darkest Texas. He’s heading for Black Rock, a down-and-out southern town under the thumb of a petrol magnate and his sons. We can safely say that the hillbillies of Black Rock won’t be forgetting this gangster’s visit any time soon… A hard and fast 1950s gangster tale by Nury and Brüno. Europe Comics, October 11,…read more

I Am Legion

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Originally published at Comic Book Daily under my Bound Together column. This one was a long time coming from its original French issues.  I picked up the first DC Humanoids imprint issue in 2004, but that cross publishing deal collapsed.  Devil’s Due Publishing picked up the series and published it as six issues in 2009 but the announced hardcover collected edition didn’t see light of day as Humanoids was entering the North American market again in September 2010 with I Am Legion, a 176 page 7.75×10.5″ hardcover.  Here is the…read more

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