Corsair H50 CPU Cooler

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I finally succumbed to tech lust and upgraded my main computer.  It’s been over three years and was still doing everything I needed but I wanted more.  With the great overclocking available with the Intel i5 and i7 series processors I needed a good CPU cooler.  I immediately started looking at the traditional heat sink and fan combo since water cooling was out of my depth: complicated and all encompassing tubes connected to pumps, reservoirs, radiators and water blocks.  At that point I remembered some reviews of an all in one water cooler…read more


eVGA and Nvidia Video troubles

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About two weeks ago I experienced some PC troubles.  I came back to my desk to find my PC locked up: the screen had rows or red dashes running over everything else.  I power cycled the PC but now those rows or dashes were white and came up immediately.  I powered down again and took the side off my case to get a better look at anything going on in my system.  Powered the PC back up and the same video issue: everything was running fine, all fans spinning, nothing hot…read more


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