Vanilla Sugar

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Continuing my production of house made (homemade) gifts for friends and family this week I made vanilla sugar. This one is incredibly easy and allows time to do other things, like the 3o pounds of bacon I’m also making. Vanilla sugar is a combination of split vanilla beans and white sugar: that’s it. Get whole vanilla beans, split them in half and add them to white sugar. Give it time to draw the flavour and the beans out and you have a lovely scented and flavoured sugar to add to…read more

Herb and Garlic Sea Salt

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Christmas is soon upon us so I gathered ingredients and started preparing my home made gifts. I like to make five or six items that I pass along to friends and family. I’ll feature one a week: first up is herb and garlic sea salt. Combine chopped herbs and crush or grated garlic with coarse sea salt and let dry for a day or two. The preparation is simple and the final product is wonderful: a perfect seasoning for all meats and a variety of roasted vegetables. I made two…read more

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