McDonald’s Poutine

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McDonald’s Canada introduced Poutine this week; at least in Ontario. I was there at lunch and had the opportunity to give it a try. Oddly it’s not “McPoutine” or anything catchy like that; slightly disappointing.   Poutine is $3.99 or $1.50 to substitute in a combo for medium fries. It comes packaged in a brown paper box, reminiscent of poutine joints I’ve frequented in Toronto. I watched the staff made it as there was a poutine rack that had cheese curds in one bin and gravy in a pump beside…read more

Cheese Dreams

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This is a carryover from my own childhood and always a favourite with my children: cheese dreams. Give any bun a thick swish of Cheez Whiz and add pieces of cooked bacon.  Put them under the broiler and you have a hot and tasty lunch or snack; I especially like the blackened bits.

Burger Quest: cheese

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I can’t imagine a hamburger without cheese, so I guess it’s cheeseburgers only for me.  Over the years I’ve tried dozens of types of cheese on my burgers and have come to a conclusion: nothing gives a mighty cheese flavour like processed cheese slices or “American” cheese. Gourmet burger recipes call for sharp cheddar, gorgonzola and any number of strong cheeses for the simple reason that you need a bold flavour to just be able to taste the cheese, and still you need a whole lot of it.  Processed cheese…read more


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