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It was October 1978 that Empire, the first graphic novel, appeared on bookstore shelves.  That’s the same month Eisner’s A Contract With God made its début, and Empire is one illustrated story while Eisner’s work is a collection of short stories.  One can argue either way but I’m going in support of Empire: it’s dust jacket states “a graphic novel” while the credits indicate “a visual novel”.  A Contract With God is black and white while Empire is fully painted in vibrant colour.    This project was put together by…read more

Dominic Fortune: It Can Happen Here And Now

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I’m a lifelong Howard Chaykin fan.  In the 80’s I discovered American Flagg! and never looked back.  He has a unique storytelling style that appeals to the teenager in all of us.  His art has shifted over time: I’m not sure why all his male characters are becoming wider.  Recently he completed a story for Marvel using an old character Dominic Fortune who was a retread of his Scorpion character for a failed publisher that he brought over to Marvel in 1975. Dominic Fortune: It Can Happen Here And Now…read more


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