Basques Hardwood Charcoal

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I had previously mentioned my favourite charcoal as natural lump.  My favourite brand right now is Nature’s Own Basques Hardwood Charcoal.  The bags normally contain a nice mixture of large, medium and small lumps of charcoal so I slit the bag open lengthwise and use what I need for the particular job.  This brand produces a nice heat and goes high or low and slow without issue.  I also enjoy the scent and to me it seems to impart a nice smoke flavour. Oddly this is also the only brand…read more



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Since getting my Big Green Egg my way of thinking about grilling and barbeque has completely changed. For one thing it meant using charcoal: something I haven’t done since the old hibachi in the back yard when I was nine. When I bought the Egg it came with a bag of Big Green Egg lump charcoal: wood that had been made into charcoal by lighting it and removing the oxygen, such as burying it in sand. Nothing added, just a good burn that gives to my nostrils a heady smoke…read more


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