Sleep Mode and Hardware Changes

I’m in the process of upgrading my PC.  After swapping out a Gigabyte [intlink id=”1187″ type=”post”]GA-P55M-UD2[/intlink] for a P55A-UD3P motherboard I left everything else as is and ran the system for a few days.  All components were working properly so I was ready for the final phase of removing my RAID 0 array and replacing it with an OCZ Agility SSD.

My system was off so I flipped the switch on the power supply, removed the two Raptor hard drives and installed the OCZ SSD.  Turning the system back on gave me no display.  Swapping cards out, plugging and unplugging items only let to a simmering disposition but no display.  At that point I thought carefully about the night before and remembered I didn’t power my system off but let it go into S3 sleep mode, like I do every day.  I dug out the manual for my new motherboard, located the BIOS reset jumper and went through clearing my BIOS.  Powering the system on brought me to a perfectly functioning PC.

The PC had entered S3 sleep mode and didn’t know how to wake up since hardware had changed.  A real bone head move on my part but a gentle reminder to be aware of what’s going on when working on a PC.