Frank Cho in Paris

My family and I were on vacation the last three weeks and one of our stops was Paris.  While wandering the streets we came across Album, a comic shop with their windows filled with statues.  I took a look around was shocked to see Frank Cho sitting at a table drawing sketches.  A quick check revealed you needed a previously attained ticket to get a full sketch so I hung around and chatted with people until I had a chance to purchase a book and have a quick signature and sketch.

Art Of Frank Cho

Turns out Frank was there for an art exhibit at Galerie 9 Art and was touring a few comic shops.  I picked up the 48 page 8×12″ hardcover The Art Of Frank Cho that was printed for the exhibit.  It’s a straight up art book and is pretty nice.  I waited patiently to see what I could get from Frank after the ticketed sketches were done: I was able to get a quick sketch in the front of the book.  Unfortunately we left Paris before the exhibition.