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Free eBook from Cisco

A free eBook in PDF format from Cisco: Cisco Router Configuration, 2nd Edition. A nice introduction to routing and Cisco’s IOS operating system. Cisco Router Configuration eBook

Firefox extensions FEBE and CLEO

Two great extensions: FEBE backs up your current extensions as XPI files so they can be installed anywhere, as well as bookmarks and cookies.  CLEO packages this backup as one self extracting file.  Very slick. Chuck Baker’s FEBE and CLEO

Altiris Software Virtualization Solution

A nice twist on the virtualization craze: SVS virtualizes your current OS for installing applications. Install an app in SVS and it runs like any other app on your system, but SVS captured all the installation info. Remove the app…

Power Defragmenter GUI

This one is a little different: it’s a front end for Sysinternals Contig defragmentation utility. Puts a nice GUI on the utility for defragmenting a file, directory or disk. Makes a great free util that much better. Strangely I can’t…

Google Browser Sync for Firefox

A new util from Google for syncing your various copies of Firefox; bookmarks, cookies, passwords, browser history.  I was hoping for extension syncing but not this release. Google Browser Sync for Firefox (long dead)

Vista Beta 2 Public Download

Wow! Microsoft has now made available Vista Beta 2. This is beta software so use it at your own risk, but at least you’ll see what all the hype is about. You have to login and answer a few questions…

Roadkil Windows Utils

Found a great site full of free Windows utilities. Troll around and you’re sure to find a few items that can be put to good use. Roadkil.Net

eBabble changes

I’ve decided to test out eBabble based on WordPress, since the site is a one man show and I’d like to post from anywhere.  Slowly but surely I will integrate eBabble into this format and eventually get rid of the…