“An automated WordPress update has failed to complete”

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I was updating JetPack to the latest version when it just hung. I left it an hour and it just said “unpacking” so I refreshed the page and received the following error at the top of every page in the WordPress dashboard: “An automated WordPress update has failed to complete”. I attempted to run the update repeatedly but it just kept failing, so I manually downloaded the new JetPack and used FTP to upload it. Unfortunately the error remained. Looking around the internet revealed something I should have known: delete…read more

Windows Update & Device Drivers

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Blast from the past: originally published December 31st 2001. I’m a big fan of Windows Update; one easy place to find all the updates needed for your system. I’ve found it works with Windows 95 up and long as your version of Internet Explorer is 4.0 or greater. With versions 5 and 6, you go to Tools, Windows Update. With version 4, go to Tools, Product Updates. Either way you’re brought to the Windows Update page, with lots of information available. Products updates is my frequent destination for the latest operating system patches. It’s neatly…read more

Filehippo software Update Checker

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A nice little application from Filehippo.com that is a single executable, no install.  It scans your system and looks for updates to software and drivers you have installed.  It generates an HTML page and loads in your browser.   Slick and simple. Filehippo Update Checker


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