Steam: the key to great pastrami

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After rummaging around the freezer for something to eat for lunch I came across the turkey pastrami I made last summer when I bought all those whole turkeys on sale.  Last time around I had warmed them in a pan and then seared the skin to get it crispy: it had all the flavour I wanted but was a bit chewy. Since this was for lunch I removed the skin and put the two thighs in my trusty steamer. Fourty five minutes later I removed one and sliced it thinly…read more


Steam backups

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Steam is a great service: log in on any PC and play the games you’ve paid for.  The only downside is the download; modern games are between one and five gigabytes, which makes for a long download.  Or after you reformat your system and go to start playing games but have to wait a day for Steam to download them all again. Luckily steam has a backup feature: right click on your game in the Steam Games menu and select “backup games files”. You’ll be prompted for a location: I’m…read more


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