WordPress Publish Button Missing: 1&1, Akismet and SQL

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Last month I [intlink id=”2831″ type=”post”]wrote about an error[/intlink] on this site that caused me to start fresh: the Publish button was missing from WordPress and you couldn’t post anything. Here’s a screenshot of the error. At the time I couldn’t locate a fix for the problem, but last week the same thing happened to my wife’s site so that caused me to have a closer look. Since both sites were hosted at 1&1 that narrowed things down. I have an old hosting package with them that limits SQL database size…read more

Moving WordPress

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I’ve been running two WordPress sites for several years on 1 & 1 web hosting.  Last year I made a major restructuring of eBabble and in doing so created a new SQL 5 database to keep it separate.  Early this year on eBabble Art I received an error when trying to upgrade WordPress past 2.8.2: that was the last version that would work on a SQL 4 database.  It wasn’t a big deal so I left it at version 2.8.2 and kept going. With WordPress 3.0 released I decided to finally move eBabble Art to a…read more


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