Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008

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I’ve written a review for every version of Small Business Server but have never published any of them: the scope seems to broad to adequately cover.  I’ve sat on this one for a few months but decided to get it out there. Some months ago Microsoft made available a release candidate of Windows Small Business Server 2008 for public preview: I downloaded and installed it to give it a whirl.  I ran it for a month to see what was new and to form an opinion, outlined below. I’ve been a big…read more


2007/03/12: WHS

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A few weeks since my last Weakly; went to the New York Comic Convention ( read about it here ).  I’ve also been running the Microsoft Home Server Beta 2 ( WHS ) and have found it quite useful. For some reason I have a bunch of hard drives lying around at home for two purposes: to upgrade my Small Business Server ( SBS ) machine and to build a disk based backup machine.  I had a Xeon workstation sitting around so that was going to be repurposed to WHS,…read more


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