Expedition V.1: The Lion Of Nubia

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When former Roman soldier Marcus Livius is arrested in Egypt, starving and half mad, he is swiftly accused of desertion and murder. He denies the charges and embarks on an incredible taleā€¦ His story begins with the discovery of a body surrounded by documents written in an unknown language, as well as spectacular jewels and other items all suggesting the existence of a rich and powerful civilization previously unknown to Rome. Under the orders of Centurion Caius Bracca, Marcus decides to desert, and along with nine other men begins a…read more

The Chimpanzee Complex Vol 1: Paradox

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An interesting spin on what we know of space exploration, The Chimpanzee Complex Volume 1: Paradox is an engaging look at humanity and the desire to achieve. In 2035, the US Navy discovers a strange space capsule that has crashed in the Indian Ocean. Helen Friedman is in charge of interrogating the two survivors, who are none other than Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin! Who, then, are the men who came back from the 1969 Apollo XI mission? A lunar expedition is set up to elucidate this mystery. Friedman is…read more

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