Porkstrami: Pork Leg Pastrami

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I love pastrami and Montreal smoked meat: tender, very tasty beef brisket cured, smoked and steamed to an umptuous pile of goodness. Unfortunately beef brisket is expensive, relatively speaking: the cheapest I could find was $5 a pound. My go-to meat for all things charcuterie is pork, and right now whole pork legs are going for $1 a pound in my neck of the woods. Yes I’m paying for the skin and bone along with the leg meat, but I render the skin for pork fat and the bone is…read more

Steam: the key to great pastrami

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After rummaging around the freezer for something to eat for lunch I came across the turkey pastrami I made last summer when I bought all those whole turkeys on sale.  Last time around I had warmed them in a pan and then seared the skin to get it crispy: it had all the flavour I wanted but was a bit chewy. Since this was for lunch I removed the skin and put the two thighs in my trusty steamer. Fourty five minutes later I removed one and sliced it thinly…read more


Eye Of Round Pastrami

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I love pastrami, corned beef and smoked meat.  I’ve tracked them down in New York and Montreal to savor at every deli.  I’ve made corned beef and pastrami based on Michael Ruhlman’s recipes in Charcuterie and enjoyed them thoroughly but continue to be troubled by the cost of raw ingredients.  Brisket was used because it’s a very tough cut and nobody wanted it so it was cheap; cured, cooked and steamed it became tender when sliced thin.  Unfortunately I can’t find it for less than $6 a pound which puts…read more


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