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Security-Ops Apps

A nice and tidy one page collection of free security related programs, including anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware. Security-Ops


This is a very nice simple undelete utility, in the vein of the old DOS command. It brings up what you can try and retrieve, you select the files and that’s about it. No install needed, just run the EXE.…

Gnome Partition Editor

While this is written for Linux the creators of GParted have a Live CD version that works very well.  I suggest you know what you’re doing with partitions before you get into this, but GParted does everything you would need…


PC Magazine just gave an Editor’s Choice to Comodo Personal Firewall, a free product that was rated better than ZoneAlarm.  Perusing their site reveals a free anti-virus client, free password manager and free S/MIME certificate for Outlook.  Worth trying for…

User Profile Hive Cleanup Service

After a bunch of users have logged onto a system those profiles start to bog things down.  Microsoft released the abovementioned utility to clean up after those errant profiles and speed up the restart/shutdown process. User Profile Hive Cleanup Service

Lussumo Filebrowser

A second great app you didn’t know you needed; I noticed it when I was looking up Vanilla. Filebrowser lets you build albums of your online files, for a quick and easy reference of what you’ve actually got sitting there…

Lussumo Vanilla

No, not the fragrant pod. This is an open source forum that needs only PHP and SQL to run. Nice and easy, slick interface and all those “web 2.0” looks and features. Vanilla

Free eBook from Cisco

A free eBook in PDF format from Cisco: Cisco Router Configuration, 2nd Edition. A nice introduction to routing and Cisco’s IOS operating system. Cisco Router Configuration eBook

Firefox extensions FEBE and CLEO

Two great extensions: FEBE backs up your current extensions as XPI files so they can be installed anywhere, as well as bookmarks and cookies.  CLEO packages this backup as one self extracting file.  Very slick. Chuck Baker’s FEBE and CLEO