Rendering Chicken Fat

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Over the weekend I made a chicken dish with bone on thighs, backs attached.  It was $0.89 a pound so I purchased fifteen pieces.  After I tried to brown the first five pieces the skin fell apart so I removed the skin from the remaining ten pieces.  It was a decent pile of skin and I hate to waste anything so I decided to render the chicken skins to get chicken fat.  The process is simple: put the skins and trimmed fat in a pot on as low as it…read more

Turkey Fat

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Over the holidays I had a chance to roast a turkey and make gravy.  It was a twenty pound bird and I somehow ended up with just under a cup of fat in the roasting pan.  The fat was fairly clear and not that dark from the roasting: cooled it was a nice yellow colour. I’ve been trying to make traditional gravy and not adding a packaged flavouring and thickener: that means stock and pan drippings added to a roux.  The day before I made a small batch of stock…read more


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