WordPress Issue: Only the homepage loads

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So, I was tinkering with one of the websites I look after and made one change to the .htaccess file. I only make one change at a time to any file so I can reverse it if things go south. After my change only the home page would load: clicking anything just reloaded the home page and showed page not found in the tab (browser) title. OK, back into .htaccess and remove my change. No luck, still only the homepage loads. Hmm. As always, Google to the rescue. It seems…read more


Posted by in Technology

While trying to de-clutter my office I can across some software that wasn’t in use anymore.  I decided to gather it together and liquidate on eBay.  All was fine except for two discs that had seen some action and were scratched.  I copied the contents to a hard drive to make sure they could be read but didn’t want to go through the hassle of installing them just to be sure. While perusing completed sales to find good starting prices I came across mention of a program called CDCheck. It…read more


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