BurnCDCC: A Very Small ISO Utility

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I was looking around for a boot CD that would allow me to edit TrueCrypt volumes the other week and came across one that included a tiny 81 KB utility called BurnCDCC. It does one thing and one thing only: burns an ISO image to an optical disc. It’s one file, that’s it, and at that size perfect for getting the job done. Did I mention it’s free? Thank you Terabyte Unlimited for creating BurnCDCC; go to their Freeware page and grab a copy.

Nero StartSmart Essentials

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Nero just released a free disc burning program: Nero StartSmart Essentials, based on Nero 9.  I’ve used the Nero software that came with my CD and DVD burners over the years and found them easy to use so I thought to give this version a go. The download was 55 MB with an installation footprint of 130 MB and when running a memory footprint of 52 MB.  Upon launch you’re greeted with a wonderfully clean looking program with multiple tabs: unfortunately every tab prompts you to upgrade.  The only thing…read more


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