My French Toast Recipe

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I’ve waxed previously about my enjoyment of french toast but my recipe always seemed a little too simple: nothing to elevate it to wonderment.  Luckily that’s changed. I came across a recipe recently for pancakes that used brown sugar; I had to break it down and mix it into my dry ingredients by hand but it added a great dimension.  I liked the idea of orange juice in the mix but it made the final taste too acidy and not custardy enough.  Zesting a little lemon or orange into the…read more

French Toast

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French toast is a controversial breakfast in my home because my wife isn’t a fan and until this month that meant my children weren’t interested either.  I make breakfast Sunday mornings and appeal to the masses with pancakes or waffles, but a few weeks ago I made French toast for myself and my daughter became interested in what I was eating with butter and syrup.  Daughter and son each had a plate and became fans: they seem to enjoy the butter and syrup the most and whatever medium gets them…read more


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