Salt & Smoke Charcuterie

Welcome to the home of Salt & Smoke Charcuterie, Hamilton’s by-invitation-only cured meat club.

For now the pick up location is Big B Comics or my home. Pick ups are once a month on a Friday; an email will be sent the week before alerting members to the pick up day. Gifts not picked up on the Friday are disposed of and the member forfeits for that month.

As this is the start of our six month membership please complete the agreement form below and include it with your $90 CASH payment at the first pickup.

Salt And Smoke Charcuterie Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

Salt & Smoke Charcuterie is a members only club celebrating the art of cured and smoked meats. Dues are paid every six months, and entitle the member to take part in club activities. As a reward of membership each member receives two pounds of cured meats each month, for the duration of their membership.

Membership fees are required before membership begins.

Salt & Smoke Charcuterie is in no way responsible or liable for anything that may arise from consuming the cured meat gifts: these are provided as a membership reward and are not sold to the members.